At some point in life, everyone faces emotional, relational, or spiritual difficulties that seem too difficult to handle alone. Many times, turning to family or friends will help. We’re here for those times when something more is needed. In a relaxed atmosphere, you will be able to explore issues from both a clinical and spiritual viewpoint.


Confidentiality is very important to us. We will not disclose information related to you or your counseling session(s) without your written permission…with the following exceptions:

  • Consultation with a clinical supervisor
  • If you are believed to be a danger to yourself or someone else
  • Disclosure of child or elder abuse
  • Compliance with a court order


  • Appointments are open to both members and non-members.
  • Currently there is no charge for pastoral counseling. Donations are appreciated, but not required.
  • Appointments can be made during normal business hours by calling 706.922.7041.
  • Note – because of restricted counseling times and high demand, we may not be able to see you as quickly as you desire. In such cases, we will offer referrals to Christian counselors in the area. DOWNLOAD OUR COUNSELING REFERRALS LIST